Inspection landing site 30 November and next level meeting 1 December... video flash

December 17, 2015 430 keer bekeken

Just three more months and various truck platoons will be leaving from their European home bases and arriving in Rotterdam. It will be a long journey via the several corridors: automated, on open roads and cross border.

Notwithstanding unforeseen circumstances, poor weather conditions and unexpected obstacles all platoons are expected to arrive in the Netherlands at 2 pm on 6 April 2016, at the APM Terminal in Rotterdam. Work proceeds apace on the organisation of the complex landing. To this end, on 30 November a delegation of the Challenge’s partners and stakeholders made an inspection trip to the landing site to get an early picture of the atmosphere and opportunities. On 1 December this was followed by a substantive working conference. See below for video reports of both gatherings.

Watch this short film here:

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