TNO: truck platooning spells a rich mix of sustainable benefits

January 06, 2016 219 keer bekeken

“Truck platooning here involves self-driving trucks, in columns, heading for Rotterdam. At the same time, this saves fuel and boosts traffic flows.”

This was the verdict of TNO’s Bastiaan Krosse on DuurzaamBV Radio prompted by the European Truck Platooning Challenge next year. TNO is a Dutch independent research organisation. Fuel savings will be a major benefit: "One major plus point is that the vehicles won’t be driving into the wind, whereby there is less friction loss. For the second vehicle this can add up to 10 per cent of fuel savings."

Another plus point is that trucks coupled in a convoy drive at a far more even rate. Alongside further fuel savings this spells a more flexible flow of other traffic.

According to Bastiaan Krosse truck platooning will be a reality five years from now: "Over the next several years I see us testing, step for step, out on the open road. In the Netherlands we are working towards organisation of the technical context to make this happen before 2020.”

One ‘must’ for a major roll-out of truck platooning is that governmental regulation is in place – right now you need an exemption.


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